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Happy Children

Predator Catchers Inc.

Our Mission is to seek out and exploit online child predators in our communities while bringing awareness of this issue by educating, supporting, and training the community against online predators.

What We Do

Predator Catchers Indianapolis is a group of volunteers aiming to learn and collaborate with local law enforcement, local prosecutors, and other groups working to eradicate sexual predators, abuse, and harassment. Predator Catchers Indianapolis prides itself on protecting the community and youth against online child predators. 

With the support of the community and loved ones, we strive to raise awareness of the dangers of online child predators. We implement programs for education, training, and tips for parents and children to prevent the attacks of online predators.

In addition, we also connect victims to support to let them know that they are not alone. It is NOT their fault! We intend to bring harsher punishment to convicted child predators.

The people create change. We all need to stand up for our children. 

Watch Us Work

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