Become a
Kingdom Heir.

Kingdom Heirs are a set apart type of man. He has certain, rare qualities that make him a strong, courageous, and powerful leader.

By joining as a Kingdom Heir you get to join a network of allies, professionals, and organizations.

  • Connect with a community of likeminded Heirs & Heiresses to support and edify you, your business, and family

  • Receive exclusive discounts and perks from The Kingdom brands and House of Ivriyah products

  • Engage and volunteer with a charity, service based organization

  • Create and collaborate on powerful initiatives for the melanated community

  • Learn about the disenfranchisement of the indigenous people

  • Raise awareness for problems cursed to the melanated people and participate in solutions

  • Get access to a network of black & brown businesses, events, forums, and more.