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Circulating Wealth & Developing Economy

The Problem.

high spending power. low wealth.

Though indigenous people make up a small portion of the US population, we have a combined spending power of over $3.9 Trillion dollars. Although we spend a lot of money, the wealth gap in America between whites and Ivriys is drastic.  In the second quarter of 2020, white households—who account for 60 percent of the U.S. population—held 84 percent ($94 trillion) of total household wealth in the U.S.


Why do we spend so much money but never retain the wealth? Indigenous families fall victim to relying on and purchasing from institutions that are oppressor owned and not catered or considerate to Ivriy culture, identity, and nature. With an economic purchasing power that great, the only roadblock into making self-sufficient Ivriy communities, banks, schools, healing centers, and entertainment-- for us by us-- is ourselves.  



Kingdom Resources

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