Frequently asked questions (Religious Exemption)

How do I use my religious exemption form?

There are two places to get this form: you can go HERE, or you can go to and download the form for a small donation.

  1. Your exemption form will be sent to your email. Once you have downloaded your exemption form you will need to carefully read each page.
  2. After you've read each page please be sure to carefully fill out with correct information and submit the complete package to your employer.
  3. Submit your document to the United Nation of Yisrael for registration and processing. 2 options can be found on the form but you can also register through the link found in your email.
  4. If your job has given you an exemption form to fill out, that form must be filled out by you and submitted to us for review. Take a clear picture and submit the complete form to our email HERE. ( You must still download our package and complete registration as mentioned above.) #How do I get the form, #Where will I get the form, #How long does it take, #How does it work

What should I do if my religious exemption is denied?

If this happens you ask to speak with the manager of HR or the Dean of Students, or Principal for learning institutions. Tell them if you deny my exemption then you are in violation of my first Amendment rights which is defined by the first amendment as the practice of religious freedom, which is also protected for redress by title 42 1983 Deprivation of Civil Rights in the proper venue. The United Nations of Yisrael UNY and partnership with The Kingdom Over Everything Foundation wants you to know that you are not alone and that you have a nation behind you. All for 1 and 1 for all! Countless people's lives and pursuit of happiness have been disrupted. The ALMIGHTY is all the protection you need. In the meantime we have strategies in place to help you gain the support you need and inform and educate your employer on how they violated your rights and how they can correct their wrong doing. If your religious exemption letter has been denied please fill out the "Notice of Violation Request" form HERE. After review, we will contact you for further information about your employer and incident. After which we will give you further guidance on how to take action and how we can help you.
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What are my rights and how does religious exemptions work?

In short, "Fredom of religion". Your document is a notice of the RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION under the covenant of the holy scriptures. No one can calculate your level of spirtuality. No one has any right to do so. Your organization/company as an employer or institution of higher learning has been put on notice from the United Nation Yisrael (UNY) operating under laws of TORAH, the word of The Most High Almighty that, “ We the people of the Almighty God of Yisrael” the ALMIGHTY has now declared our people, which includes our constituent as indicated in our notice as exempt from any and all vaccinations and inoculations. We decalre that we do not consent to any forms of mandates for vaccinations, according the word of the ALMIGHTY, which we serve, but instead we request what is considered under the first amendment, any an all applicable rules of law governing the United States
as a religious accommodations according to §1605.2 Reasonable accommodation without undue hardship as required by section 701(j) of title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, on behalf of our constituents. Please review links for further information about your rigthts. #How does it work, #How do I know it works, #UNY #United Nation of Israel, #United Nation of Yisrael #What are my right? # Where my rights violated

Why does my form say that I'm a descendant of ancient Israelites?

The great ministry of our identity and our ancestors has been spread around the world. We have rediscovered without a shadow of a doubt that many of us who were spread across the four corners of the earth during the transatlantic slave trade and many of the indiginous peoples around the world are in fact the lost 12 tribes of Israel. The Gathering of Yah’s People We the members of the International Council of Elders are living in the birth of a new age. Therefore, we are calling for the sons and daughters of Yah to hear the call of Yah whether you are a Moorish American, Muslim, Christian, or Jehovah’s witness etc. If you are a descendant of the people from the Trans-Atlantic Holocaust we implore you to hear the word that Yah has to say to you. Although there are countless scriptures written in the Tanakh describing our diaspora out of Yisrael into Africa, and the subsequent enslavement of our people that carried us into all of the nations of the earth. These things were all signs to designate us as the people of Yah. There are no scriptures more dynamic in revealing to us that we are the Lost Sheep of Yisrael than those in the book of Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy 28:15, 19-20, 25-30, 32- 34, 36-37, 41, 43-50, 58-68 For more visit: #Am I a Israelite?, #I'm not a Israelite?, #Who are the Israelites?

What should I do if my job gives me an exemption form to fill out?

  1. If your job has given you an exemption form to fill out, that form must be filled out by you and submitted to us for review. Take a clear picture and submit the complete form to our email HERE. ( You must still download our package and complete registration as mentioned above.)

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Deliyah Yasharahla

I work in the healthcare field and feel very strongly about caring for others. However, when faced with the vaccine mandate, I knew that this was something that I could not partake in. Many other healthcare workers across the nation shared the same sentiments. Some quit their jobs, others were let go, and others still decided to get vaccinated feeling hopeless to stand up for what they believed in and for their personal rights. Yes, employers have the right to decide company policies, however, employees have the right to have options. I chose to utilize the vaccine exemption form provided by the United Nation of Yisrael. It worked for me. We have more options than comply or else. APTTMH!