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Access Official Kingdom documents, declarations, and notices. 

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Operation 'Let My People Go'

declaration of resignation of registered agent

"To start all our people, that are classified as African American, Colored, Negro, or Black must be made whole. To be made whole, all our people as classified as African American, Colored, Negro, or Black shall be made free from taxation (federal, state, and local), all their debts must be paid, all that they have paid into social security, and paid in all forms of taxation (federal, state, and local) must be restored to them.

Due to the nature of what is being stated, the government must come out publicly an announce through all forms of media that the government will restore to our people as indicated in this presentment by know later than November 1st. The government shall also publicly acknowledge it's wrongs, and injustices that it has committed upon our people over the last 400 years on November 1st."

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