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Our Story

Re-establishing culture and community

Kingdom Over Everything Foundation is a private foundation that supports products and services to serve as a catalyst for the preservation of the human race focusing primarily on the indigenous tribes. The Kingdom Over Everything  brand is a brand of nobility to bring a light to the darkness by creating initiatives to serve humanity. The ​Kingdom Over Everything Foundation unites people in the spirit through harmony, peace, and love. We have recognized that social programs can not be the only answer for social issues.

Forest Trees

The Kingdom Mission.

KOE Foundation has identified its mission as solving social problems of an underserved, overlooked, underrepresented, and exiled people. ​


Kingdom Over Everything Foundation​ strives to connect these people to their identity through the KOE Foundation initiatives which are (1) circling wealth and developing economy, (2) clothing our people in nobility, (3) connect family and foster community, (4) igniting the path to truth, and (5) re-establishing the noble image.


These 5 initiatives are the solutions to our people’s economic, educational, political, social, and systemic disenfranchisement.


Most of our people come from the indigenous heritage which has been lost. We strive to connect them back with their indigenous identity heritage which helps them move forward in their daily lives. In collaboration with our social enterprises, we execute our mission of building a noble Kingdom family and ecosystem. 

Meet The Family

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